Parenting Plan Modification

Parenting plan modifications are governed by RCW 26.09.260. There are two types of modifications: major and minor. A major modification involves a substantial change to the parenting plan such as asking to change the primary parent. A minor modification can involve changing a pickup time to accommodate a parent’s new work schedule. There are lots of rules and standards that apply to parenting plan modifications. A parent who files a petition to modify a parenting plan does not automatically get to have a parenting plan modification trial. The parent who wants the change must file a Petition for Modification then schedule a hearing to get a court order granting “Adequate Cause”. This is called a threshold hearing. If the Court enters an order finding Adequate Cause then the parent is allowed to have a trial on the requested change. If the Court enters an order denying Adequate Cause, then the modification case is dismissed and the parenting plan stays the same.