“Julie was my lawyer throughout my divorce. Her knowledge of Family Law was exceptional. My divorce included many details that are normally not a part of a divorce case, however Julie was knowledgeable and could assist me. The best interest of my children was always considered. She was very responsive to my communications, she kept me informed with what was going on in my case, she would always ask how I felt about the direction we were going to take as we proceeded. She always explained the risks and uncertainties. Her paperwork was complete, well-organized. I always felt very comfortable and at peace throughout the entire process.”
MG, Kent


“The difference here is that she doesn’t just know the law, she “gets” it—she understands what you are going through, what you are dealing with, and what you are trying to accomplish. That is priceless. Oh, and she answers her phone and email right away (also priceless)!”
NM, Seattle


“Julie Park literally came to my rescue. My original attorney refused to deal with my ex’s attorney ever again, and the next attorney quit as well. I was faced with a lawsuit over mistakes made by the ex’s attorney, but that did not stop Julie. She got me through a very difficult time. She guided me right through it, knowing it would not be easy. Julie knows what to do and does it well!”
MM, Bellevue